About Järna Tvåleri

Business idea

Järna Tvåleri manufactures organic, natural, world-class artisan soap for those who are particularly careful about content and function and at the same time are looking for a unique interior detail or gift. With advanced craftsmanship and knowledge of the impact of ingredients on people and the environment, we create small wow experiences in people's everyday lives.

Järna Tvåleri also manufactures neighboring organic products for body and home.


I who created Järna Tvåleri and create most of the products, my name is Veronica Oja and I live and work in Ekvik outside Järna.

Since early on, I have had a great environmental awareness and have also trained as an environmental engineer. When I became a mother, health and the local environment also became very important to me and I started to minimize toxins in our home and learned to make my own products from scratch.

But it was when I found the soap craft that I found my great passion and knew exactly what I wanted to spend my time and energy on. It is the mixture of enjoyable arts and crafts, knowledge of chemistry, the environmental benefit and the health aspect that gives me an outlet for many sides of myself. I make almost exclusively cold stirred and cut soap.

Together with my husband Patrik, who is an entrepreneur, we have experience in business and we are helping to build up Järna Tvåleri in parallel with the fact that I am constantly developing my craft skills. Patrik also manufactures retail shelves, soap dishes, etc.