The 5 elements for a good soap

Artisanal soap means soaps that are based on recipes with well-balanced ingredients to bring out the desired properties. We all have different desires for how the best soap feels, looks and smells so there is no ultimate recipe for everyone. But in general, I work to find the balance between these five elements:

Hardness - gives a soap that lasts longer.

Cleaning degree - too many cleaning ingredients can wash away the skin's protective properties.

Foam - because foam is a sign of a good soap.. and because many people love it! For us soapy people, there are also two types of lather - creamy and bubbly.

Nourishing - which comes from emollient ingredients that help hydrate and make the skin soft and smooth.

Fragrance - because it is so inviting and increases the chance that the soap will be used.

If you want to be involved and influence a recipe or a scent combination or have an idea about a special ingredient - don't hesitate to get in touch!