In what way is Järna Tvåleri a leader in artisanal soap?

How can Veronica write that Järna Tvåleri is "leading in artisanal soap"?! Here comes a "short" overview!

🧡 All soaps are manufacturers with a great passion for the soap craft and a desire to spread prettier and more fun soap to the Swedish people. Each batch takes about five hours to make.

💛 All soaps are also made to be harder than other artisanal soaps, completely without using palm oil. Järna Tvåleri's soaps should behave well and not become sticky and soft like so many other soaps. Just store them correctly!

🤎 All Järna Tvåleri's soaps contain clay and salt, which contributes to the hardness, but also a nicer washing experience. The amount of salts and the amounts and types of clay vary in the recipes.

🖤 ​​Only essential oils are used for fragrance, which is a challenge in soap!

🤍 The colors only come from clays, salts and plants and no synthetic colours, oxides or micas are used. Mostly because it's so much fun to explore natural colors in soap like no one else does in Sweden.

🧡 Currently, Järna Tvåleri has three basic recipes and then adds various additives and methods to give the soaps their different properties. There will be more recipes, be sure!

💛 One of those basic recipes is perfectly composed to fit as a shampoo soap. Actually, all soaps work like shampoo soap but different hair and different people like different, simply. So when I say that it is best suited as a shampoo soap, I mean that it cleans just enough, doesn't leave residue in the hair and only adds a little excess oil to the hair.

🤎 Right from the start, I have been ambitious about learning about cosmetics legislation, which is both extensive and costly to live up to. I hope that any investment in learning and following it pays off in the long run. And with a knowledge of the limits and great creativity, I manage to create registered products that other soap makers only dreamed of!