Collection: Shampoo soaps

If you want completely natural healthy hair, you should try shampoo soap! A shampoo soap is simply an artisanal soap that is formulated to work well in the hair.

These recipes have a common basic recipe and are suitable for normal hair. They are based on fats that leave as little unsoapified substances in the hair as possible: refined rapeseed oil and otherwise refined fats from coconut, shea and castor. The excess fat is 4% and is just enough to give a little shine and life to the hair without weighing it down. The clay in the soaps helps to lower the pH of the soaps and all of them also contain salt, which affects the washing sensation.

If you don't like these shampoo soaps, you can also try other soaps. The taste is like baking!

Do you have dreads? Then try one of the salt soaps Salt Night, Salt Licorice or Salt Stone. I've been told they're great for washing dreads!

How do I?

Washing your hair with natural shampoo soap is very similar to using a regular shampoo bar or regular liquid shampoo. The basis is to lather, massage and rinse. With a natural product there are some extra tips:

1. Rinse well - preferably a full minute to get all the shampoo out.
2. Don't favor tangling - you don't have to spin the hair up on your head and tangle it. Instead, work your way from the scalp, out into the lengths and downwards with the fingertips.
3. Don't overwash - One or two or max three times a week is a good guideline.
4. Finally - some people want to rinse their hair with an acid rinse (Approx. 1 tablespoon of organic vinegar diluted in 5 dl of water) and finish with a rinse in cold water.