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Castile soap concentrated

Castile soap concentrated

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Solid concentrated soap on 100% organic olive oil. Fragrance free.

This soap is great for scrubbing wooden floors with, but works for all other imaginable surfaces, including the toilet and kitchen. Castile soap is the mildest cleaning agent for anyone with sensitive skin or who is sensitive to fragrances.

Comes in a paper can that contains 350 ml and corresponds to just over 1 liter of diluted soap. The air is not 100% airtight, so the soap may dry a little after a while, the surface may change appearance, but this does not affect the use. Dilute 1-3 tablespoons in 10 liters of water or take a click directly on the brush and scrub directly on really dirty surfaces.

Since the soap is made from a residual oil from olive oil production, the color of the soap can vary from light green to green-brown. However, the fine quality of the soap is always the same.

Vegan * Organic * Palm Oil Free * Natural * Fragrance Free * SLS Free


Soap from olive oil* (more than 30%), sea salt, water.

*From certified organic and biodynamic cultivation.

Shipping and delivery

I usually send the products the same day and at the most within two working days.

Shipping costs SEK 55. But if you buy over SEK 700, I'll offer shipping!

For those of you who live nearby, it's fine to tick Pick-up instead of Shipping. When you receive a notice that your order is fully packed, just come and pick them up.

I use PostNord.

Weight and size

The can contains 350 ml and the weight is approx. 360 grams. The dimensions of the jar are approx. 9x9 cm.

Storage and durability

Since the soap comes in a paper jar, the top part can dry out a little between uses. However, there is nothing that affects the function of the soap.

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