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Shower bomb menthol/eucalyptus

Shower bomb menthol/eucalyptus

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Here you get a pleasure experience beyond the ordinary in the shower! Powerful aromatherapy with essential oil from eucalyptus and menthol crystals that both feels uplifting, relaxing and opens up. The blue color comes from indigo.

Place the shower bomb on the floor, or on a plate, in the shower and let the water from the shower jets release steam from the shower bomb, which starts to fizz. More and more fumes are emitted as it melts and one bomb is enough for a proper shower. Rinse off any residue from the floor when you're done in the shower. This variant is not suitable for children under 6 years due to the eucalyptus oil and menthol crystals.

Note! This product is not intended for use on the skin or as a cleanser, but only for aromatherapy in the shower.

Vegan *Citric acid free *Naturally colored *Organic natural scents


Bicarbonate, tartaric acid, organic potato flour, organic menthol crystals, organic coconut oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil and indigo powder infused in organic rapeseed oil.

Shipping and delivery

I usually send the products the same day and at the most within two working days.

Shipping costs SEK 55. But if you buy over SEK 700, I'll offer shipping!

For those of you who live nearby, it's fine to tick Pick-up instead of Shipping. When you receive a notice that your order is fully packed, just come and pick them up.

I use PostNord.

Weight and size

The shower bombs are made in slightly different shapes but always weigh at least 45 grams before they dry.

Storage and durability

Duschbomberna ska förvaras torrt i sin förpackning för att inte börja kristallisera sig i förtid. Hållbarheten är ca 3 månader.
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