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The iron soap is fragrance free

The iron soap is fragrance free

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Welcome to Järna! This soap is woven into pure untreated wool and smells only naturally of sheep's wool. The color of this unscented variant is mixed dark brown and light gray.

The soap is an incredibly abundant foaming coconut soap with nourishing castor oil and substantial overfatting to avoid drying out the skin. If you know you have extra sensitive skin, choose one of the recipes with the largest proportion of rapeseed oil or olive oil instead.

The soft felting is pleasant to scrub with and contributes to additional suds. As the soap is used, the felting will contract a little.

The felting also acts as a floating cushion that makes the soap float on the water. Practical for bathing both indoors and outdoors.

Premium: It can be reused by cutting it open, inserting a new bar of soap and re-felting it.


In pure Swedish

Saponified organic coconut oil, glycerin, water, saponified organic castor oil and organic sugar.


Sodium cocoate*, glycerin, aqua, sodium castorate*, sucrose*. *Organic raw material.

Shipping and delivery

I usually send the products the same day and at the most within two working days.

Shipping costs SEK 55. But if you buy over SEK 700, I'll offer shipping!

For those of you who live nearby, it's fine to tick Pick-up instead of Shipping. When you receive a notice that your order is fully packed, just come and pick them up.

I use PostNord.

Weight and size

The felted soaps weigh 80 grams before they are stored and then felted with about 15 grams of wool. During felting, some of the soap disappears into the felting water. The diameter is about 7 cm and the thickness about 3.5 cm.

Storage and durability

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