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Soot nose

Soot nose

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Sotnos is a powerful black clay mask based on active carbon and kaolin clay that cleans deeply.

Kaolin clay is a pure, natural, fine-grained clay that absorbs oil, refines pores, and soothes acne. It is astringent and has calming properties. Kaolin is also rich in minerals that detoxify the skin and balance sebum production.

Activated carbon can relieve acne and skin infections, have a detoxifying and cleansing effect.

ATTENTION! Activated carbon is strongly black, be careful when opening the can and do not let the carbon come into contact with textiles when using! Soap or cleansing oil is needed to wash off the mask.

The mask comes in a practical jar where you can easily add clean water and stir to the desired consistency. Remember that it should be possible to lay a thick layer that does not dry out so easily, so add a little water at a time. If you dry the mask too quickly (less than 4 minutes), you have too little liquid in the mask; make it looser next time. Place the mask on dry or slightly damp skin and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off without scrubbing. This mask also needs a proper post-wash with soap and lukewarm water.

You are welcome to use liquids other than water to mix your mask with, but only use food-approved ingredients, for example fruit and vegetable juices/purées (but not citrus/vinegar), milk products, honey or herbal hydrolates.

Sotnos is particularly suitable for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, cuperoses and red skin.


Kaolin, charcoal.

Shipping and delivery

I usually send the products the same day and at the most within two working days.

Shipping costs SEK 55. But if you buy over SEK 700, I'll offer shipping!

For those of you who live nearby, it's fine to tick Pick-up instead of Shipping. When you receive a notice that your order is fully packed, just come and pick them up.

I use PostNord.

Weight and size

One can contains 15 grams.

Storage and durability

Store the can dry.

The clay mask should be mixed together immediately before use. Never save a ready-mixed product.
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